Want To Add More Functionality To Your Hallway? 3 Remodeling Ideas To Consider

9 December 2016
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Living in a smaller home can mean experiencing some challenges regarding adding storage space without making it uncomfortable to get around. If you're concerned with adding more storage, but don't want to be at risk of making the house feel more cramped, it's best to focus on the existing space. One way to do so is to make changes to the hallway. If you have a long hallway and the walls are pretty bare, the following projects can all help add extra storage space or other features that you'll enjoy having.

Built-in Storage

Having storage solutions built right into your home can help ease some of your concerns over storage. One way to do this is through having shelves installed in the hallway. If you don't want them to get in the way of moving around in the hallway, you should prioritize having them installed high up. With overhead storage, you can still get through the hallway with ease and will gain the additional storage that's important for you to have.

Attic Entrance

If you have an attic overhead that only has a single entrance elsewhere in your home, such as in the master bedroom or through the garage, it may be a good idea to have an additional entrance put in from the hallway. By having an entrance put in, you can get into the attic without needing to fuss over moving to another part of the home. The hallway is often used only to move to another room so an attic entrance can be a smart way to make use of this space.

Large Window

Improving the look of your hallway can be easy when you have a large window put in (if the hallway is on the outside of the house). By bringing in more natural light, the space can feel opened up and more welcoming. Hallways often look dark and drab, making a large window a smart way to brighten up the space. The added brightness can also be good for improving the entire look of your home since more natural light is something that most homeowners want.

As you prepare for making an improvement to your hallways, you'll want to get an idea of which features are the most important to you. Storage can be such a great thing to add since it will help make your hallways much more functional, but other features can also help improve the look and function of your hallway. Bringing in a home remodeling contractor like Alleva Construction, Inc can help you get some insight for improving your hallways.