4 Ways To Protect Your Wood Floors From The Ravages Of Winter

15 November 2018
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Now that the weather is changing and the temperatures are starting to drop, you need to take precautions to protect your hardwood floor. Cold, wet weather can destroy your hardwood flooring, especially when you're not prepared for the weather changes. Before your hardwood is destroyed this winter, follow the helpful tips provided here.

1. Prepare for the Gaps

If you're going to be using your heater or fireplace on a daily basis during the winter, you need to be prepared for the gaps in your hardwood floor. Heaters and fireplaces dry out the air inside your home, which causes your wooden floor to shrink. As a result, small gaps develop between the slats. To avoid those gaps, invest in a humidifier for your home this winter. The addition of a little moisture from your humidifier will alleviate the dry air and prevent the gaps in your flooring.

2. Program Your Thermostat

If the temperatures inside your home fluctuate throughout the day during the winter, you can expect some damage to your hardwood floors. Frequent temperature changes inside your home can ruin your flooring. To avoid that, have a programmable thermostat installed, and keep the temperature inside your home at a consistent level. You won't harm your floor by specific day and night settings. However, those settings should remain consistent.

3. Invest in Floor Covers

If you're expecting guests throughout the winter holidays, or you have children who will be going in and out of the house all winter long, it's time to invest in floor covers. Using festive floor coverings during the winter will protect your wood floors from damage caused by dirt, mud, scratches, and even deicing agents. To provide long-term protection, use floor coverings in the high-traffic areas throughout the year.

4. Have Your Wood Floors Buffed

If it's been a while since you had your hardwood floors cleaned, buffed, and sealed, it's best to have that done before winter arrives. Cleaning, buffing, and sealing your wood floors will lock in the natural oils needed to keep your wood healthy and lock out the dirt and debris that can ruin your floors. For maximum protection, you should have your wood floors cleaned, buffed, and sealed once a year, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic through your home.

Don't let your wood floors fall victim to the harsh winter weather. The simple tips provided here will protect your wood flooring and keep it looking beautiful all winter long. Get in touch with a company such as General Plating for more information.