Signs Your Home Needs A Water Softener

13 July 2020
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Not everyone needs a water softener, it depends on the composition of the water coming into your home. Most people that have well water or water with a lot of calcium or iron in it should have a water softener. If you aren't sure if your home requires a water softener, or if your water is considered hard water, read on for a few signs to watch out for.

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains can be difficult to remove. You may see them around the faucet heads in your home, around the drains, or even in the sinks themselves. Hard water stains may take you a lot of scrubbing to remove, even using harsh chemical cleaners to try and remove them, some of which may be harmful to your health. Using a water softener can prevent these hard water stains in these or other areas of your home.

Discolored Clothing

Your clothing may become damaged if you have hard water. The hard water and minerals in the water could discolor your clothing, and it may also thin out the material of your clothing due to the harshness of the water. A water softener can save you money on clothing as you won't have to replace your clothing as often. Other items you wash, such as bedding and towels can also be affected by your hard water. With a water softener, these items will also last much longer.

Dry Skin/Hair Falling Out

High minerals in your water or hard water can dry out your hair and skin. If you have very sensitive skin, this could cause a problem for your skin, as you may end up with severe dryness or cracking of your skin. You may also itch a lot due to the dryness of your skin. Your hair may fall out if it gets too dried out from the hard water. If you are noticing more hair in the drain of your shower, it could be due to hard water.

If you aren't sure if your home needs a water softener, you should contact a water softener service for help determining this. You could also have your water tested to see about the mineral counts in your water, or if you've spotted the signs above, you most likely need a water softener in your home. Have one installed today, and you won't have to worry any longer about the lasting effects of hard water issues.