3 Simple Tips For Surviving Your Ensuite Bath Remodel

24 October 2014
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Sometimes you don't have the time, money, or the "go get'um" to give your ensuite bathroom the complete overhaul you've wanted for years. On top of that, you've been sufficiently freaked out from watching renovation shows that depict renovations throwing family life into unmitigated chaos. But it's just the ensuite, right?

It's not like it's in the center of the house. After mulling it over for a few months, you relent, and hire a contractor. So what if he's not Bath Crashers' Matt Muenster? In a few weeks you won't be looking at a galley bath with pastel paint and outdated fixtures anymore. The only real issue now is how to work around your contractor? Every day he'll be trekking through your master bedroom to work on your bathroom remodel--through your bedroom. Surviving the mess and the intrusion isn't so hard when you follow these 3 easy tips:

Get Up and Get Motivated Earlier

It's amazing how getting up even an hour earlier than normal can kickstart your day. It's your "me" time. The time before chaos ensues. Make your bed. Go into another bathroom and get cleaned up. Make sure all your laundry is in the laundry room and nothing personal or valuable is out in the open. These little accomplishments go a long way into feeling more secure as a stranger hauls his wares into your ensuite. Sure he's bonded and a professional. This tip is just for your "peace" of mind.

Ask What You Can Do To Help

Okay, technically this isn't "working around" your remodel. However, by knowing ahead of time what you can move to the side out of your contractor's path helps eliminate interruption time. Knowing when he normally goes to lunch helps you plan yours. You get the picture. Asking questions makes your life easier to plan; and, that makes for a happier remodeling experience.

Working Around Unexpected Dust

Don't be afraid to check on progress. The work space will be chaotic. It will be messy. Some of that mess will end up in your bedroom in the form of remodeling supplies and lots of dust. Especially if you tend to be a neat freak, this can be very unsettling. During that first hour of the day, grab a dust rag and pick up any residual dust that has settled through the night. Also dust after your contractor leaves. This is especially important if you have respiratory issues. Open windows. Touch base with your doctor to let him know that you are remodeling, and that the dust is bothering you.

Since respiratory masks aren't easy to keep on while you sleep, your doctor may recommend you sleep in another room until the remodeling is finished.

These suggestions are simple, but when you're anxious, sometimes you forget easy tips to keep your sanity during remodeling. Plan ahead, keep ahead of the mess and don't be shy about asking questions that will make your life simpler. You'll survive this with your sanity intact! (For information on bathroom remodeling, contact a company such as Holtzman Home Improvement)