Hiring A General Contractor For Your Remodeling Project? 4 Issues You Should Clarify Before The Project Begins

28 October 2016
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If it's time to take care of a major remodeling project for your home, you're going to need a general contractor from a place like Parsa Construction. Your contractor will be the driving force behind the entire project. However, for them to get the job done right, you'll need to keep the lines of communication open. One miscommunication or misunderstanding could cause some serious problems. To prevent problems during the construction process, make sure you have the details nailed down before the project begins. Here are four issues you should discuss with your contractor.

The Construction Calendar

If you're going to be living in your home while it's being remodeled, you'll need to know the construction calendar – not just the start and finish dates. When setting up the details for the project, make sure that your contractor provides you with the actual construction calendar, which will allow you to follow the projects that will be tackled each day. This will ensure that you have advanced warning about projects that will require you to leave for the day.

The Crew Working on Your Home

If your contractor is going to hire sub-contractors for some of the work, be sure you're provided information about the various crews that will be working at your home. The last thing you want is to feel as if you have strangers traveling through your home every day. Make sure you're available whenever a new portion of the remodeling project is begun. This will allow you to meet the various crews that will be working on your home.

The Process for Preventing Damage to the Rest of Your Home

No remodeling project is without an assortment of messes. However, some messes can be avoided. If your project is going to require any type of heavy construction work, ask the contractor about the safety measures that will be taken to prevent damage to the rest of your home. For instance, during the demolition process, what measures will be taken to control the dust levels.

The Potential Problems

When it comes to remodeling projects, there's always a potential for unexpected problems to crop up. Before your contractor begins the project ask them to identify any potential problems. This will allow them to discuss the potential problems, as well as the potential remedies that are available.

If you're having your home remodeled, make sure you're prepared for the process. Open communication between you and your contractor will help the project go more smoothly. Be sure to talk to your contractor about any questions or concerns you might have.