How To Choose A Color Scheme For Your Home

28 October 2016
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Whether you've recently purchased a home or you're just looking to spice up your current abode with a remodel, then the first thing you should do is come up with a color scheme. A color scheme can make or break your home's interior design, so choosing the right scheme for your furniture and accent pieces is a definite must. To learn more about how to choose the right color scheme for your home, check out the three tips below.

Work Around a Patterned Piece You Love

Whether it's your grandmother's Persian rug or that colorfully upholstered couch that you picked up from the flea market, you want to work with the bold, patterned pieces you have to create a color scheme that flows.

Take a look at your statement piece, and simply pick out the colors that you love the most. If the piece is bright and bold but you'd like a softer, gentler tone, then it's always possible to use different shades of your favorite piece's color to tone down the room and still have the flow you'd like. If, however, the piece is toned down and has more neutral colors than not, choose a non-neutral tone from the piece and create a scheme around it.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Neutral

Believe it or not, neutral tones don't have to be boring. In fact, the more neutral tones you use throughout your home, the more bold pieces you can use to accent the spaces.

If you aren't sure of what colors you like, or if you'd just like a calm and serene feel throughout your home, then neutral colors such as white, beige, olive, and taupe should be your go-to. Are you worried that the neutral-colored rooms of your home will look a little too toned down? Be sure to add a pop of color to add an uplifting vibe. Neutral colors allow you to use funky patterns and bold tones when you accessorize the room, so don't be afraid to go grey.

Get Acquainted with the Color Wheel

This nifty device was likely introduced to you in elementary school art class, and believe it or not, it can be a useful tool when picking out a color scheme for your home.

The color wheel is, very literally, a wheel of colors. This wheel allows you to easily see which colors work well together and which colors clash. If you're looking for rich colors which bring out the best in each other, then you'll want to choose the colors on opposite sides of the color wheel (red and green, or purple and yellow). If, however, you're looking for a simple scheme, then choosing colors that are next to each other on the wheel (blue and green) or of the same hue (royal blue and steel blue) are your best options.

If you're planning your home's next makeover or you're looking to make your new house a home, then consider the three tips above on how to choose a color scheme. For more information, contact a company like Skerlec Contracting.