How To Easily Remove A Slider Window From Your Home

28 October 2016
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If you want to save some money on your upcoming new windows, you can do so by removing the old windows from your home so that way the window techs you hire only have to install your new windows, not remove your old ones. Here is what you are going to need to do to remove an old slider window from your home.  This is a job you should only attempt if you know how to use both a reciprocating saw and a propane torch.

Preparing To Remove Your Slider Windows

Make sure that you have all the right supplies on hand before you start working. You need a propane torch, screwdriver, drill, tape measure, chalk, reciprocating saw, mallet, pry bar, goggles and work gloves.

Soften The Glue

The first thing that you need to do is soften up the glue that is keeping your window in place. You can do that by using your propane torch. You are going to want to hold the torch near the glue so that it gets softened up. Keep the torch about a foot away from your window, and move it around in a circular motion, moving around the edge of your window frame to soften up the glue. Do this for about ten minutes in order to effectively soften up the adhesive.

Remove The Glass Pane

When the adhesive has been softened, all you need to do now is have someone help you remove the glass. Have someone stand on one side of the glass and apply light outward pressure, and have the other person grab and remove the glass from the window frame. Both people should wear gloves while removing the glass pane. The glass should be placed somewhere where it will not become damaged.

Take Out The Screws

The next thing you need to do is take out the screws in the frame. The screws will be inside of the frame, near where the glass pane was that you just took out. Check both the sides as well as the top and bottom of the frame for screws that need to be removed. You should be able to remove the screws easily with either a drill or a screwdriver. If the screws get stuck or are rusted, apply some lubricant to them to make them easier to remove.

Cut The Window Frame

Now you need to cut the window frame. You are going to want to cut the window frame in the middle point going across the horizontal top of the window frame. Use your measuring tape and chalk to mark out the midpoint of the top of the window frame, then cut through the frame with your reciprocating saw; be sure to have your safety goggles and gloves on when you cut the frame.

After you cut through the top of the window frame, cut the middle pint on both of the sides of the window frame. Use your measuring tape and chalk to mark the midpoints again. Last, cut the midpoint of the bottom of the window frame.

Remove The Window Frame

You should be able to easily remove the window frame now that you have removed the glass and screws from the window frame. You are going to need your pry bar and mallet for this step. Take the pry bar and put it under the edge of your window frame, then tap on the pry bar with your mallet. Work the pry bar around the entry window frame, loosening the frame. You should be able remove the smaller sections of frame that you have cut down in the previous step as you work the pry bar under it.

Once you have removed all the pieces of the frame, you are now ready to start the process of installing a new window in the opening. If you have any concerns about any step of the process, contact a specialist from a place like Leger Siding.