Using Your Patio In Cool Weather

28 October 2016
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In the summertime, your patio can add a lot of room to a smallish home. Your patio can be the site for barbecues, family discussions, or a personal reading binge. When the weather starts to cool down, your family members often head back inside, causing things to get a little cramped. Fortunately, If you employ a little creativity, your patio can be used in the cold weather as well.

Fire Pit

You can still spend cozy family evenings on the patio if you invest in a fire pit. You can either build your own, using handy kits and/or plans you can purchase from a home improvement store, or you can purchase a metal version that can be put about anywhere outside, including on your patio. A fire pit allows you to enjoy the outdoors well into the fall, and it gives you that sense of camping out. Fortunately, when it is time to retire for the evening, you only have to walk a few feet into your comfortable house.

Patio Cover

You can get more use out of your patio or deck if you add a cover or roof to that area. You can simply add a canvas cover that has side panels, allowing you to keep the cool breezes away while you curl up on the chaise to read a favorite book. You can also build something more substantial by installing a wood roof with supporting pillars. Investing in some sort of roofing makes your patio a three-season hangout for you and your family.


The ultimate patio upgrade is to turn it into a sunroom. Unless you having construction experience, this project is best left to an experienced local contractor. However, depending on what type of heating and cooling system you install in this room, you may be able to use it year round. Also, if you plan to sell your house in the future, the sunroom can be an attraction for potential buyers, making your smaller home seem bigger than it is.

One reason the fall and winter seasons can seem so long is the in-house crowding so many families experience. Togetherness can be overrated, especially if you cannot find any personal space. Making a few upgrades to your patio can help ease this overcrowding and entice your family outdoors, something that is good for their health. Using your patio beyond the summertime can make the living easier in cold weather. For more information, contact a company like Bohnstedt Construction.