Give Your Outdoor Pavements A Restored Look With These Custom Concrete Finish Ideas

6 December 2016
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The concrete outside your home may eventually become worn due to cracks and common problems. Eventually, you may be considering solutions to restore your old concrete pavement. There are many modern concrete finishes that can be used to give pavements a new custom look. You may want to consider things like acid staining, stamped concrete or adding a layer of epoxy to your concrete. Here are some ideas to restore your concrete pavements with a new custom finish:

1. Epoxy Finish for A More Durable and Resilient Concrete Finish

Epoxy finishes can be a great way to add a custom look to concrete. These are a type of sealant that can be added over the finished concrete. They often have colors and textures and can be used to create designs and a custom look. Epoxy concrete finishes can also be a good solution for concrete in areas like garages because they are more resistant to stains. They will not absorb oil and other things that can stain concrete.

2. Give Your Concrete a Customized Artistic Design with Acid Staining Techniques

In addition to epoxy, there are also stains that can be applied to concrete. Acid staining is a method of finishing concrete with special acid treatments that dye the concrete. This technique for finishing concrete can be used to simulate the appearance of many other materials. If you want to have finished concrete floors in your home, this is the best option for a finished look. The concrete can be stained to look like stone or tile and include custom art or designs in the finish. To protect the floor, a thin clear epoxy coating can be applied to protect your acid stained concrete floors.

3. Textures and Durable Concrete Finishes for Driveways and Paths with Stamped Concrete

There are also some areas with pavements that you may want to add textures to. The driveway can be an area that gets a lot of wear due to traffic. The driveway may need to be resistant to cracks and other common problems. Stamped concrete can give you a solution to break up sections in a way that is not noticeable to reduce the possibility of cracks forming. This can also be done for paths and any areas where pavements are not on a flat, level surface.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to restore your concrete with custom finishes. You can contact a concrete service and talk with them about the best solutions for the pavement around your home. This can include driveways, garages and paved paths on your property. Contact a company like Claggett & Sons Inc to get started.