Reasons To Have Your Home's Old Wooden Windows Replaced With Vinyl Ones

1 October 2018
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If you live in an older home that still has the original wood-framed windows, you may have been thinking about replacing them with vinyl ones. If so, consider the reasons below that you should seriously consider replacing your home's old wooden windows with vinyl windows.

Wooden Windows Require a Lot of Maintenance 

When you have old wooden windows, you probably already know that they take a lot of work to keep them maintained and looking nice. Because they require a coating of paint to keep up their appearance and protect them from moisture and UV rays, they start to peel and crack every few years.

As a result, you probably find that you have to scrape, sand, and repaint the windows to keep them from bringing down the curb appeal of your home. Especially if you have windows that are on the second floor, this job can become a cumbersome and often dangerous task, especially if you have to get up on a ladder.

However, if you replace them with vinyl windows, you no longer have to perform this type of maintenance. The material of the vinyl is highly resistant to moisture and heat. And, since they do not require paint, you do not have to repaint them every few years to keep them looking like new.

Old Windows Make Your Energy Bills Soar

Another problem with old wooden windows is that they are not very energy efficient. Usually, they only have one pane of glass that does not provide much of a barrier to the outdoor heat or cold, making it harder to keep your house warm or cool throughout the year without having excessively high energy bills.

Also, as the windows age, they start to shrink and warp. This creates gaps between the windows and the frame, allowing even more hot and cold air into your home, which further increases the money you spend on heating and cooling your house. 

However, vinyl windows have multiple panes that have gas in between to help insulate the glass. This helps block out the air and keeps your interior air inside where it belongs. Also, the vinyl windows have a seal around them that reduces the risk of gaps, and in turn, any drafts.

After considering the reasons why your wooden windows are obsolete, you may decide that it is time to upgrade them with easier, more attractive, energy-efficient vinyl windows. If so, contact a contractor to discuss your options for installing new windows to replace your old ones.