Chimney Care And Cleaning Myths

30 May 2019
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A chimney is essential for any home that has a working fireplace. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that people make with caring for their chimney. This can lead to a variety of problems for the home, and these issues will need to be effectively avoided.

Myth: The Opening Of The Chimney Is The Only Part That Needs To Be Kept Clean

Blockages of the chimney opening can be a serious problem to encounter. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that may assume that preventing the opening from becoming blocked is the only concern that they should have with their chimney. However, soot and other materials can also collect inside the chimney, and they will need to be removed. However, reaching the materials that are deep inside the chimney can be surprisingly difficult or impossible without the help of a professional chimney cleaning service.

Myth: Improper Chimney Care Is Not A Serious Problem

Homeowners may assume that not effectively caring for their chimney will not be a major problem. However, this can have dire consequences for the home. When the chimney is allowed to become dirty and at least partially clogged, it can lead to a dangerous accumulation of fumes in the home. Unfortunately, homeowners that lack the appropriate carbon monoxide detectors may not realize that these fumes are accumulating until they start to show symptoms of overexposure.

Myth: Only Traditional Brick Chimney Need To Be Cleaned

When individuals think of chimneys, they may imagine a traditional brick and mortar chimney. While these are very common, there are other styles of chimney as well. For example, some individuals will have metal chimneys that may seem to be little more than a metal tube. Regardless of the actual design of the chimney, it is always necessary to ensure that it is being regularly cleaned.

Myth: Chimney Cleanings Are Only Necessary If You Regularly Use The Fireplace

While frequent usage of the fireplace will increase the need for you to have your chimney cleaned, it should be noted that this should be done even for those that may rarely use their chimney. Ash and soot from the fire are not the only substances that will be able to gather on the interior of the chimney. Dirt and dust can also gradually collect in the chimney over the course of time. Also, small animals, such as birds and squirrels, may also build nests in the chimney that could severely inhibit the flow of smoke and fumes from it.

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