A Glimpse At What Is Involved In Fire Damage Restoration Services

6 November 2020
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After a house fire, professional fire damage restoration is not a matter of preference. Even a small fire that appears to have caused minor damage needs to get professional attention. This is because there are numerous damages that fires can cause that might not be easily recognized by laypersons. Proper restoration is a critical part of ensuring that damages are properly documented for insurance purposes. If the property is uninsured, an assessment still needs to be made to understand the damages and take action to avoid further damages. The following points represent a glimpse of what to expect if you ever need fire damage restoration services.

Safety Assessment

This involves ensuring that the fire is completely extinguished and that all humans and pets are accounted for. Firefighters or other first responders may assist with the safety assessment. The safety component will also determine whether or not occupants can safely enter the home. Fires that have unique situations such as bodily injury, death, or suspicion of arson will likely mean that no one can enter until an investigation is performed by authorities. 

Securing the Premises

The property may need to get boarded up if it is unsafe for occupants to enter or if an investigation will be needed. The circumstances will determine if the homeowner needs to get this performed or authorities. Assuming there are not any suspicious circumstances or safety issues, a fire damage restoration professional can provide walk-through and board-up services to secure the property. Individuals can usually remove items to take with them if the damages make the home temporarily uninhabitable.

Assessment of Damages

The restoration experts will assess the damages as soon as possible. They will note structural damages and personal property damages. Their assessment will likely include smoke and soot analysis too. If there are remaining salvageable items, property owners may be advised to remove them and put them in safe storage. Sometimes furniture damages can be fixed through restoration by cleaning and removing smoky smells. 

Cleaning and Restoration Process

This will involve taking all actions to make a home "like new" again. Building materials may need to get extracted and replaced. Deep cleaning is required to remove smoky odors and soot. Depending on how quickly the restoration process is started, professionals may need to address emerging mold or mildew threats as part of the restoration process.

Fire damage restoration services can help individuals get through what is usually a difficult and scary situation. Many people find it difficult to concentrate after a house fire, especially if they are home when it occurs. It might also be difficult for property owners to determine which belongings are permanently damaged and need to be discarded. They may not be willing to accept that some things they valued are worthless due to fire or water damage. Professional documentation can be a starting point for getting items replaced and salvageable items refurbished.