Basement Repairs For Foundation Problems And Water Leaks

21 June 2022
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If your basement has foundation damage and water leaks, it's time to take action before your home is seriously damaged. Foundation problems can be dangerous for the structure of your home, so you may want a foundation contractor to look at the situation.

Basement repair solutions could be as simple as filling cracks, but you might also need to have a wall braced or sunken concrete lifted with poly jacking or piers. Here are some steps that might be needed for basement repair that dry out your basement and protect the structure of your home.

Steps To Drying Out A Wet Basement

If there is standing water in your basement, a basement repair contractor can pump the water out if you don't have a working sump pump installed. Once excess water is gone, the contractor may bring in fans, dryers, and a dehumidifier to pull moisture from wood and the air.

Once the basement is dry, the contractor may recommend keeping the dehumidifier in place to control moisture in the future. It's also important to understand why your basement has problems with water intrusion. Finding the source of the problem and fixing it is important for keeping your basement dry.

Methods For Basement Repair

Cracks in basement walls can be filled by injecting epoxy into them. A sunken basement floor can be lifted and placed on piers to hold it in place and level. A bowed wall can even be fixed by bracing it to keep the damage from escalating. You may need a structural engineer to assess the damage in your basement to determine if it affects the structure of your house. This helps the contractor make the right repairs so your home is safe.

Ways To Keep Water From Getting In Your Basement

Sealing cracks will stop water from seeping into your basement, but your basement might need other waterproofing treatments too. This might include painting the interior walls with a waterproof coating or putting a membrane or coating on the exterior walls.

An external or internal drain system helps control water too. An external drain collects water and sends it to the street so it stays away from your basement. An internal drain catches water once it's inside your basement and sends it to a sump pump to be pumped back outside.

Stabilizing the walls and slab and waterproofing the basement can keep your basement dry so you can avoid damage to your furnace and other appliances. Plus, when your basement is always dry, you can use the space in your basement for recreational activities or you can finish the basement and turn it into an additional living space.

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