Don't Leave Your Patio Exposed! Spring Is The Perfect Time To Install A Permanent Patio Cover

30 March 2023
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A patio exposed is a patio that is not being used to its full potential. If you have been thinking about adding a cover to your patio but never got around to doing it, spring is the perfect season to take action. Having a patio cover constructed will not require a lot of time and can be done just in time for all your warm-weather activities.

Why a cover matters

The main benefit of having a permanent patio cover installed is to make your patio more usable. Patio covers give you protection from harmful sun rays and also make it possible to entertain outdoors in rainy weather. Patio covers also look great and can increase your home's value.

The benefits of a permanent cover

There are a multitude of patio cover options on the market today. From retractable fabric awnings to inexpensive pop-up umbrellas, you may wonder why you need a permanent cover when you can get a cheaper one. However, anyone who has dealt with less expensive covers will tell you they have their limitations.

For instance, fabric covers can be easily damaged if left out when a storm arrives. With a permanent cover, you never have to rush outdoors to take down an umbrella or retract your awning when the wind starts blowing. A permanent cover is durable and can withstand the elements.

Planning your project

Choose patio cover materials that will complement your home's exterior. Wood, natural stone, or a combination of both are good choices for a permanent patio cover. A patio cover can be as simple as installing a pavilion or pergola over a patio or as lavish as constructing a patio enclosure with glass or screened-in walls.

The right patio cover will be determined by your lifestyle. If you enjoy growing plants and want aesthetic value more than a sheltered cover, a pergola may be a good option. If you want a year-round option, an enclosed patio will work well. If you want an outdoor space for entertaining or just relaxing a traditional pavilion-style cover will work best.

Once you have a patio cover installed, you will wonder why you did not act sooner. Patio covers allow you to make the most of your outdoor space, even when the weather does not cooperate. A patio cover can also add curb appeal to your home and increase its value if you should decide to sell in the future.